Hidden Acres Farm
Registered Miniature Donkeys

We are a small hobby farm home to a seclect herd of Miniature Donkeys bred for conformation, color and dispostion. I purposely keep my herd small and manageable so each donkey receives lots of individual attention on a daily basis. If one does become available, I am very selecive about
placement and must be certain that they will receive the same affection and quality care that they get here with me.

All the donkeys have access to green pastures where they can graze and socialize. Foals are fussed over and handled early and are all very friendly and people-oriented. The donkeys receive yearly vaccinations, are on a rotating deworming schedule, and have regular visits from their favorite farrier.

My herdsire Hidden Acres Cosmic Cowboy lives contentedly year round with one of his jennets and
has at times been pastured  with his foals without any problem. He has consistently produced very correct and drafty foals in every possible color and has been sucessful in passing on his exceptional personality and temperament.

Donkeys are extremely sociable and become very attached to their herdmates. Because they are
much happier with their own kind, when one does become available,  it must be placed with
another donkey companion.

  If you have any questions or inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact me.